Holistic Europe Seminar


May 18 & 19, 2019

INSPIRATional seminars about the harmony of

the body, mind and spirit.


Dr. Jan Vojáček

Medical Doctor, Graduate of the Functional Medicine University (USA)
„If doctors really want to heal somebody, they should understand the stories of the people coming to them. They should have knowledge of the complex mechanism of the human organism, they should master the tools enabling them to identify the hidden causes of physiological imbalances and they should be balanced themselves." That is Jan's belief that he is applying in his daily work. He is helping his patients with an open heart and a conscious mind. He is the guide for the Endala Clinic's clients on their journey to health.

Tracy Birdsell

Celebrate your Life Speaker's Competition Winner, Modern Meditation Teacher and Speaker
Tracy has guided hundreds of people to realise and express a more authentic, heart-centered version of themselves through my unique combination of creativity, psychology, spirituality, intuition and humour. The heart of her work is mindset. She has a gift for seeing the light, the gifts bubbling just below the surface and the immense potential in everyone she meets. But more importantly, she helps you see it in yourself. Tracy launched the Light for the Shadows Programme to help others to get comfortable with the wisdom of their shadow side so they can trust themselves, their purpose & their life vision.

Jeremie Mercier, PhD

Natural Health Coach, Lecturer, Writer and Environmental Specialist
Having practiced health coaching for several years in Nantes, France, Jérémie is now the author of two books in French (one on emotion externalisation and the other one on how to make healthy food choices). Jérémie also created successful online courses on the liver cleanse, on emotion externalisation and on food choices to gain energy. Scientist at heart and driven by the quest for excellence, he studied the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, then the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées and the National School of Rural Engineering. He also studied the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in the USA.

Tsewang Norbu Vivek

Budhism & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Dhamma House for personal development
“I feel that we have not yet explored all our potential to be a true human being. We take so much from people and the nature for granted, but what do we give back to the universe?” Vivek is transforming lives of people around the world thanks to his unbelievable energy, great sense of humour and his wonderful perspective and humbleness. His Dhamma House in India is open to anyone who wants to do some soul searching, need peace and tranquility or engage in meditation and basic Buddhist teachings. Dhamma House offers all of this in the solitude of the Himalaya mountains.

Mnislav Zelený Atapana

Anthropologist, writer, journalist and a passionate supporter of the native tribes
Atapana does not only specialise on the cultural anthropology, archeology and history but, mainly in recent times, also on the political climate, mostly in the Amazonian countries. His Amazonian indian name Atapana means "leaf of palms" and he got it in 1989 when he was adopted by the Jawalapity tribe. He is a well known author, a story teller about spirituality, continuity and connecting to the nature. Between 1996 and 2001 he also worked as an ambassador in Columbia and Equador.

Tereza Winklerová, MSc.

Yoga Teacher, Master Fitness Trainer, Founder of the Intelligent Movement Congress
Tereza is interested in the reactions of our bodies to purely material stimuli as gravity as well as in our intentions and emotional and mental formulas. She is looking at how our various layers of our existence are interconnected and how our bodies reflect our life. Her work is inspired by the Body-Mind Centering®,, which enables her to understand the anatomy and physiology via experience, motion and touch.

Vladimír Mikuláš

Spiritual Development Consultant
The Czech Football and futsal representations' massage therapist and consultant of spiritual development. Vladimír studies yoga, martial arts, traditional healing methods for the body and the soul. He was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). He calls the disease the University and takes it as a gift.

Igor Chaun

Film director, scriptwrite and "spiritual treasure hunter"
Igor Chaun has made more than 60 films (movies, documentary). He works for private producers and the Czech Television. Igor has been studying buddhism and eastern philosophies since the 1990s. In 2001 he travelled to Amazonia for the first time where he was introduced to rituals, prayers and the spiritual christian rainforest religion of Santo Daime. This experience was a new impulse and inspiration for him. In 2011 he established the Goscha Association and the Internet TV Goscha TV1. His documentaries, videos and films were watched by 40 million viewers on YouTube. He is sharing his knowledge and life journey through his documentaries, seminars and personal meetings.

Hayuta Epstein

Naturopath and Spiritual Teacher
Hayuta is a Naturopath, Spiritual Mentor, teacher and communicator. She is the author of 7 books about spiritual training and the balance between body, spirit and soul. Her books "Understanding Pain is Your Guide to Healing" and "The meaning of life" are available on Amazon. In her work, Hayuta is using her own experience after a serious car accident. Her own journey to healing has been her inspiration and she is sharing it with people in her lectures, books at home in Israel or when travelling around the world.