"When the mind, body, and spirit work as one, anything is possible."

We believe that the more we speak about this subject and the more initiatives like this there are, the better. We are huge fans of festivals, fairs, conferences and workshops that help others to improve their lives and that create connections with other people, our spirituality and our environment, should it be your garden, your country or the entire universe.


We want you to enjoy yourself, to have a great time with wonderful people in beautiful surroundings and be INSPIRED.


We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events or at other events that have the same goal at heart - to inspire each other.

Holistic Europe Team

Kamila Roberts

Holistic Europe Project Founder
I have always loved nature and prefered herbs over sythetic drugs but my career in management and later management consulting for big international companies diverted me to other subjects. Everything changed in 2011 when my father was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and two of my closest friends were given similar diagnoses. I wanted to help and so I started searching possible solutions. On one hand it was wonderful to see how many alternative healing options were out there but on the other hand it was often frustrating to navigate through the plethora of often contradictory information. It was not easy to get such information from the readily available sources like TV, press or school. My father was gone before he could start any treatment but I could not unlearn what I have learnt. That is how the idea of connecting with experts, specialists and speakers, who can put their interesting thoughts, research and information into a wider complex and simplify them so that it would be clear to general public and applicable in people's daily lives. Inspiring people, who like me are looking for answers, became my passion. I founded the Holistic Europe Ltd in the UK in 2017 and the Czech sister company was established the following year. I got in touch with experts from around the world and now I would love to invite you to one of our conferences.
kamila.roberts@holistic-europe.com+44 7850 357 277 & +420 603 227 777

Tereza Říčařová

Marketing and Event Manager
My life journey has brought me beautiful emotions of profound joy, unconditional love and breathtaking relationship with nature. To the importance of experiencing the unity of the body, mind and spirit. It also brought me my wonderful job of co-organising Holistic Europe Conferences, which inspire us to find our own path to a fulfilled life through those, who are truly qualified. I am grateful that I can be part of the Holistic Europe Team!

Graham Roberts

Moral support and English Texts Reviewer
With age came wisdom and I realised that for too many years I had been consuming whatever was on hand without thinking whether or not it had any nutritional value for my body. And sure enough, my body warned me that I was on the wrong track. When my wife came with the lifestyle changes in 2011, I was sceptical however I grasped the concept quickly when I saw the visible benefits of those changes. I am now so much more aware and enjoy the inspiration that Holistic Europe is bringing to me.

James Nascimento Gattward

Blog Contributor and Science Consultant
Since I was a little kid I have been interested in science. I have studied Agricultural Science - from basic to in-depth modern techniques. This made me look at our planet from different perspectives. I realised that we have to take good care of ourselves and our environment if we want to have a future. I am passionate about plant science and ways of developing better crops through environmentally friendly techniques.

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"Let us give something to each person we meet: joy, courage, hope, assurance, or ...philosophy, wisdom, a vision for the future. Let us always give something."

Daisaku Ikeda

Kamila Roberts

Holistic Europe Founder's Story

I have great childhood memories. I grew up in the country and spent most of my free time in the nature. Being outside surrounded by nature, animals and people was so natural. As it was to respect them all.
A new era arrived with my adulthood. The Velvet Revolution ended the times of the communistic demagogy and the borders disapeared. Not only the state borders, also the limitations of the possibilities. I spoke English pretty well so it was not difficult to find a job. That is when my learning journey began. I got my first management role when I was 24 years old. I was studying, getting better and bigger roles and even greater responsibilities when I moved to England with my husband. The first signs of disease were pushed away. There was no time.
The shock arrived in 2011.  My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Based on what the doctors said, there had not been too many options at that stage. Radiation was the only hope. I started to franticaly look for solutions. Anything that could help him. That opened a brand new world to me. I was gobsmacked by the plethora of options, theories, experts and lifestyles. I shared my newly gained knowledge with my father but changing his lifestyle was not acceptable for him. I learnt how fragile the human soul is. My dad, that strong and brave man who was never afraid of anything, worried. He died before he ever started his treatment and before I managed to fly back home to see him. There were only a few days between the diagnosis and the end.

My world fell apart and it went down the hill from then onward. Within the next seven years I lost my mum, my husband's parents, our dog, our horse who has been my friend for over than 27 years. My health deteriorated too.

The seven years were also years of further studies. It was not possible to delete the memory. Since then I have been fascinated by various scientific and spiritual methods of personal development, by various lifestyles and the holistic approach to life and the nature. I tested many of them on myself and I can definitely see an improvement.I did not manage to get totally healthy yet though. I did what I could in the areas of the body and mind but I do realise now that  I need to address the last piece of the puzzle in order to heal completely - the soul.

I realise there are lots of you with similar stories and that is why I decided to organise inspirational seminars that bring a fresh breath of air and help others.

I would therefore like to invite you to our events. You can learn more about them on this website. My intention  is to create an event where you feel like the most important people in the world.

I hope to see you soon at one of our events,

Lots of love, Kamila 

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