Holistic Europe Intensive 2018

Inspirational event for the healthy lifestyle and holistic approach to life that took place

on March 24 & 25, 2018

They inspired you in 2018

Tsewang Norbu Vivek

Budhist teacher and meditation lecturer
“I feel that we have not yet explored all our potential to be a true human being. We take so much from people and the nature for granted, but what do we give back to the universe?”

Mnislav Zelený Atapana

Anthropologist, writer and journalist
Atapana specialises in cultural anthropology, archeology and history but recently also in the political scene of the Amazonian countries. He is a well known writer and an amazing storyteller about spirituality, continuity and our connection with the nature.

PhDr. Martin Švihla

Aikido teacher, lecturer, enterpreneur
Martin is an aikido teacher and a lecturer of personal development and business education. His main interest is natural balance between the body and the mind, between an individual and the society, between heaven and earth.

Zuzana Koloušková

Environmentalist, photographer
Zuzana protects all living creatures, especially those in the oceans. She is a brave woman following her partner into wilderness, vegan by heart and a great vegan cook. She is also an experienced diver and wildlife photographer. Zuzana is a deputy chairman of the Forest for Children Society, the director of the Richest Ecosystems of the Planet and the Green Life Education Programmes.

Milan Jeglík

Environmentalist, Lecturer
Milan is a passionate protector of wild life and activist encouraging people to participate in saving the world's nature heritage (rain forests and oceans). He is a chairman of the Forest for Children Society and a founder of Green Life and Blue Life projects on Sumatra. Milan is also an experienced diving instructor and lecturer for the Richest Ecosystems of the Planet programme.

Video from the  Holistic Europe Intensive 2018

Photographs from the Holistic Europe Conference 2018

Thank you for being part of the 

Holistic Europe Intensive Conference 2018!