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Holistic Europe Conference 2019

inspirational seminars about the harmony of the body, mind, spirit and the nature

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Holistic Europe Conference

May 18 & 19, 2019

INSPIRATional seminars about the harmony of

the body, mind and spirit.

Key Speakers

Tracy Birdsell

Celebrate your Life Speaker's Competition Winner, Modern Meditation Teacher and Speaker

Jeremie Mercier, PhD

Natural Health Coach, Lecturer, Writer and Environmental Specialist

Tsewang Norbu Vivek

Budhism & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Dhamma House for personal development

Dr Jan Vojáček

Medical Doctor, Graduate of the Functional Medicine University (USA)

Mnislav Zelený Atapana

Anthropologist, writer, journalist and a passionate supporter of the native tribes

Tereza Winklerová

Yoga Teacher, Master Fitness Trainer, Founder of the Intelligent Movement Congress

Vladimír Mikuláš

Spiritual Development Consultant

Also contributed: 

Hayuta Epstein

Naturopath and Spiritual Healer

Igor Chaun

Film director, scriptwriter, "spiritual treasure hunter"

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Holistic Europe Conference

May 18 & 19, 2019

INSPIRATional seminar about the harmony of

the body, mind and spirit.


Discover Your Inner Healer

Tracy Birdsell
Every single one of us has got a tremendous power but hardly anyone realises that. You are unique. No body functions like yours. Your mind is original. Your conditions are different from the environment that other people live in. Your soul is unique. Tracy will take you on a journey of self-discovery and realisation that you have lots of power and can achieve lots of things. She is sharing her experience with overcoming cancer. Tracy managed to change negative experience into positive life lessons.

Shocking Facts About Early Disease Detection

Jeremie Mercier, PhD
When it comes to degenerative disease the medical world is promoting early detection as the best way to increase the chances of recovery. Sounds logical, right? But there is the other side of this coin! Last year Jeremie has interviewed lots of medical practitioners and experts who provide hard facts about early detection and will share his findings with you.

How to deal with stress – Wake up your inner child

Jeremie Mercier, PhD
You will experience lots of laughs with Jeremie’s favourite topic! Vast majority of us are stressed due to work or personal situations and even if we are ok in these two key areas we are experiencing an information overload (at least those of us living in Europe:-). Lots of information (mostly bad news), lots of cars, noise – all that is causing stress. People pay lots of money to psychotherapists and/or are trying to address stress by themselves. There are lots of techniques but this one is by far the funniest one.

Re-thinking Happiness

Tsewang Norbu Vivek
Have you ever experienced achieving something you really wanted and not feeling at all happy? And have you ever caught yourself saying: "I will be really satisfied when the house is renovated. When I am earning more money, I will spend more time with my family. If I had a better boss, I would love my job. When ... If ..." What does happiness mean to you? Vivek will show you a new perspective on happiness and will help you to discover it.

Healing Change

Dr. Jan Vojacek
Heraclites supposedly stated that the only constant in life is change. Charles Darwin adds his statement that it is not the strongest and smartest who will survive but the most adaptable ones. In the past humanity faced huge challenges, which formed people’s personalities. Not that long ago, just in the last century the average life expectancy was not too high due to acute conditions like infections and injuries. The development of the medical science, hygiene, discovery of penicillin or anaesthesia and better medical operation techniques contributed to increased average age. Despite all these developments though the current generation in the USA is expected to live a shorter life than their parents. We are now facing another challenge – the challenge of degenerative disease and the quality of life. We start to see the limitations of the classical medicine. The medical drugs are not the solution. Change is the solution. Change of attitude, dogmatic beliefs and at the end of the dal also a change of our personal attitudes. Well, if we want to stay healthy or to re-gain our health. At Jan's seminar you will learn the three key areas where changing something will have the biggest impact on your life, get tips how to implement and sustain the change and discover the newest developments in healing that are key to improving your health and the health of the whole society.

What Hurts The Earth Will Hurt The Earth’s Sons

What do you think about global warming? Do you think you can influence anything so called "global" How do you feel when you are in the nature? And how often are you there? Many people believe that it is not neccessary to live in tune with the nature because we can address our issues with the science. We can filter toxins, clean the oceans, use the natural energy sources. Many people think, that it actually is not possible to live in tune with the nature.. Atapana will share his knowledge and practical experience that he gained in the last 50 years from people who would not have survived if they had not lived in tune with the nature. What does it mean then to "be in tune" and has it got something to do with spirituality? Is it even possible to seamlessly connect our body, mind and spirit? Most of us can imagine the body and mind connection, but the soul? Maybe we can learn from the Amazonian tribes, which are very little touched by our civilsation.

Change things that matter

Jeremie Mercier, PhD
We all know that what we do on a daily basis has got a huge impact on our planet. You are surely recycling waste, saving water and doing whatever you can to reduce your footprint. How effective are these steps? Do you know? Jeremie has obtained his PhD in environmental studies and helping our planet is one of his passions. He will share his knowledge with you during his seminar about the impact of our habits on the environment. At Jeremie's seminar, you will learn about an easy routine that will help you to deal with stress, get advice on dealing with unexpected diagnosis, discover three top habits that will have a huge positive impact on our planet.

Intelligent Movement

Tereza Winklerova
Movement is something we essentially are, not what we do. You surely try to incorporate some form of movement in your daily routine. We can move when drinking coffee, driving a car or working on PC. The form of movement is not that important but its quality, attention, inner state and intention. Tereza will be guiding you on several occasions during both days of the conference and will surely surprise you by movement you never knew existed.

Disease as a Gift

Vladimír Mikuláš
Most people see a disease as something negative, in particular if it is a life threatening illness. How else could we see it, right? There are people though who look at their illness differently, who see it as a chance for a new life. Vladimír is one of them and he will share his story with you. Meeting Vladimír will be unforgettable. His honesty, humbleness and love for life, for the world will be a huge inspiration for you.

How to connect the body and the soul and to be happy right now

Igor Chaun
Holistic approach to life - the harmony of the body, mind and spirit - is the key topic of the Holistic Europe Project. Although it is such a popular subject these days with plethora of available information, it is not easy to figure it all out. Igor will share his life journey with you and will take you to far away places as well as places very close to you.